Creating a Writing Habit and Overcoming Writer’s Block

Working on writing grants and research reports can be daunting. We’ve all been there before, staring at a blank screen and nothing appearing on the page. Eventually, we tell ourselves, “I’ll come back to it, once I’ve run some errands, checked my email, cleaned the house, etc.”, anything to put off the dreaded task at […]

How to Develop Your Leadership Potential in 2017

Developing yourself professionally and personally is hard work, and the rewards for this work aren’t always immediately obvious. Learning new skills, improving your professional relationships, and building your leadership skills takes time and continuous mental effort. Even high performing, successful leaders continually work on professional and personal development in order to reach their goals. Whenever I […]

Robots are coming to take our jobs

Speaking to Anton was worrying, it seems that robots are already having better outcomes as psychologists and coaches. Which doesn’t bode that well for me, time to consider what other skills I have that a robot doesn’t.

Which it turns out isn’t a lot.

Artificial intelligence is already being used to deliver services that people once did, however, the surprising impact is that it is the professional services that are currently being hit the hardest.