Interview with Marija Butkovic – Women in STEM leadership

I speak to Marija Butkovic. Marija is a business, PR and marketing consultant who has worked across a range of projects in different industry sectors, including legal, journalism, IoT, wearable tech and fashion.

She is the co-founder of Women of Wearables (WoW). WoW is world’s first organisation aiming to inspire, support and connect women in wearable tech, fashion tech, IoT and VR/AR in the UK and worldwide.

Its mission is to encourage more women and diverse teams to participate in building hardware and software products as designers, product managers and developers or being founders of their own companies, as well as create more jobs for women in STEM.

WoW supports its growing community of women and girls in tech space through monthly events, breakfasts, mentorship and workshops.

In this podcast, we talk about the importance of working towards your values, how to overcome the challenges of a male-dominated technology environment and how to start your career as a woman in tech.

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