About me

I’m Gary and I provide open, honest and effective coaching that helps you achieve your goals, have better professional relationships, overcome professional challenges and lead more purposeful and meaningful lives.

Why do you coach?
I coach because I enjoy helping people grow personally and professionally and I believe that it isn’t about how much money I earn but how many lives I change. Coaching gives me the opportunity to change lives.

I enjoy helping people learn more about themselves and give them practical evidence-based tools to solve the problems in their life.

Coaching is a learning journey for me and for you, during coaching we will discover and uncover new knowledge. I am a life-long learner and I’m curious about how human beings behave and relate to themselves and others around them. My own personal development is important to me, and I constantly keep my skills up through continuing education and practical based courses and workshops. I learn by doing, and I challenge my clients to do the same. I truly believe that you can only learn through trying and failing.

Why do you focus on women in science, technology and EU affairs?
I coach using a value-based model for leading and living your life. I can’t ask others to do what I do not do myself. I’ve always had a strong sense of equality and fairness, thus equality is a strong value for me.

I also value helping others, education and personal development. You should base your goals on your values because they are more motivating that way. One of the ways I live my values is through coaching women to be better leaders, managers and take charge of their lives and careers. I work in science, technology and EU affairs because these are the areas that I’ve worked in all my professional career.

What is your background how did you become a coach?
I think one of the reasons I’m successful as a coach is that I’ve got a lot of life experience to draw from. Although I’m British I’ve lived abroad most of my life. I was born in London but grew up in the Oman in the middle east. I returned to the UK to finish school then I joined the British Royal Air Force as an avionics engineer. I left the Airforce to pursue a career with Jaguar cars working with a team who developed one of the first in-car navigation systems. From there I worked in several other car companies (Vauxhall, SAAB in Sweden, and Nissan) where I lead teams to develop car navigation systems and set strategies for advanced vehicle entertainment and driving systems.

In 2007 I moved to Brussels, Belgium and worked in an EU transport industry association where I coordinated international research teams funded under EU innovation programmes. I also wrote, submitted and won proposals for funding under the same programmes. Running international research teams is a multi-disciplined task and I had no choice but to train myself, so I took courses in project management, communication and leadership to increase my skills.

I then spent some time as a freelance proposal writer, helping others develop and write proposals for UK and EU funding. I was successful at this, even winning over £450,000 in UK funding for my own concept and company. But I found that what my clients appreciated most about my proposal writing skills, was my ability to motivate, organise and challenge them on their thinking.

A couple of years ago I went through a major life transition. I  failed to see how pressures at home affected my professional life, and I stumbled professionally and I felt lost and stuck in my career. I thought I wanted to develop a professional consulting company, but it was only through the process of being coached myself that I discovered that what I enjoyed most was training and teaching others. It was then I decided to become a full-time coach.

Certificates, workshops and education

Foundation in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy – Contextual Consulting

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ongoing study)- Insitute of counselling

Leading people and teams – University of Michigan

Effective virtual teams – Open University 

Maths for Science – Open University

Exploring Psychology – Open University

Science a foundation course – Open University 

HNC Electrical Engineering – Royal Air Force


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