Discover what you truly value with two free coaching sessions.

What are values?  

  • Do you have a clear direction? 
  • Do you know what is important to you?  

Simply put values are life directions. They are the compass by which you navigate life's ups and downs and are freely chosen by you in the moment.  

When you act on your values, you demonstrate what is important to you, and your actions have a quality of purpose.  

  • In this moment what purpose would you choose to serve?  
  • What purposes do you serve through your choice and actions?  
  • Are there differences between what you would choose and what you are doing?  

Values are not goals  

You can not achieve your values. You will never accomplish honestly, compassion, or dedication you can only be these things. They are the broad directions that you follow. They are there to guide your actions and your choices.  

Because they can't be fully achieved they can't be failed either. Mistakes and wrong turns do not cancel out a value: It is still there waiting for your to take action and learn from the result.  

If you value being an inspiring leader, then along the way you'll make mistakes and fail. But you'll learn, and as long as you are willing to live your 'inspiring' value and make mistakes, you'll grow as a result.  

Values provide our direction, and our goals are the signs that we are heading in the right direction.  

Because they are directions, values provide flexibility. There are many different ways to embody the qualities of your actions. And because you are choosing this you can always make another and different choice as you learn from your experience of living life by your values.  

Benefits of my coaching  

  • Clarity of your life and professional purpose and how you will achieve it.  
  • Better work and personal relationships.  
  • Reduction in feelings of anxiety and stress.  
  • Increased self-awareness.

By the end of the two coaching sessions, you have a clear idea of your values and how to improve performance and well being in your life and career.

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