Why Work With Me?

Have you always believed you are meant for bigger better things?

That if just got out of your own way you could create something really special, be someone amazing, create a life full of love, success and happiness?

Do you know that you would be capable of so much more if only you could get that break and be given an opportunity?

Others seem to get what they want from life, they breeze through life with apparent ease, having money, great relationships and the freedom to do what they want.

To live life on their terms.

If only you could do the same?

Maybe it is time to design an extraordinary life.


Who I work with

I work with professionals who deep down know they could be doing so much more than they are right now.

Who believe that they are worth more, and can be more, and do something amazing with their life.

People who want to leave their mark on the world.

If you believe that deep down you are special, that you have an ability to change the world. Then this isn’t some delusion, it represents a deeper truth about yourself and your inner power.

At the moment it’s just hidden behind unhelpful thoughts, negative messages from society, worry, anxiousness and overthinking.

You can be the person you are longing to be.

Somewhere deep down inside your greatness is waiting to be unleashed.


Common problems and questions

"I want to more with my life, I’ve so much to give and my time feels like it is running out. I need to change my life right now or it will all be for nothing"

"I'm at a crossroads in life; I don't know which direction to take"

“I keep trying to be someone different, but everytime I step up I get overwhelmed and want to run, hide and give up”

"I look at other people, and I want to be as calm and focussed as them but I not sure how to do it."

"I feel empty inside; I've no motivation anymore, I can't seem to engage in things like I used to. I use to feel passionate and engaged about my life but not anymore."

"I want to change careers, maybe start my own company, but it feels too risky and scary, but I know I can't stay where I am."

"I feel like there is a part of me missing, but I'm not sure what, other people seem to be fine, maybe it is just me, it's like there is a hole in me and I want more from life."

“I want to do more to help humanity, to build something bigger than I am, I’ve tried and failed in the past but never broken through my resistance, anxiety and fear.”

If  any of these sound like you then I can help. Acceptance and Commitment works because it has over 200 randomised controlled studies (the gold standard in scientific evidence) proving its effectiveness.

Still unsure if life coaching is right for you? Then read this.

Ready to take the next step?

Gary is a very accomplished and dedicated life and career coach...These ingredients have made for immensely enjoyable and very helpful sessions. Be aware, he does not offer a cure, but a path to an improved life that will take more work after the course to truly bear fruit.
— Stephan