Mindfulness Course

An In Depth Online 8-week Mindfulness Programme

A self-directed and supported online course to help you overcome stress, and lead a more productive and happy life.  

Mindfulness is a secular meditation technique that involves learning to pay attention: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally to whatever arises in the field of your experience. Neurological research on the impact of Mindfulness skills training on the brain demonstrates that it can reshape the part of the brain that impacts emotional and social intelligence, improving positive mood and wellbeing. 

Whatever your job or profession, whether you work on your own, whether you run a business or whether you are part of a team in a larger organisation, the modern day workplace seems to be characterised by increasing pressure; to meet targets, to generate more sales, to cut costs, to do more with less. As a consequence, stress-related illnesses are on the rise with the result that workplace stress is undermining employee performance, creativity, innovation and health. 

Become More Aware

Mindfulness is the opposite of being absent-minded or operating on 'autopilot'. "Half our waking time is spent thinking about something other than what we're doing, and this mind-wandering typically makes us unhappy." If you find yourself doing things without really being aware of them, constantly multitasking, juggling priorities, focusing less on what's happening now and more on worrying about what happened in the past, or might happen in the future, then these are all classic symptoms of operating on autopilot.  

Your mind will always wander - it's one of the things it's programmed to do. However, mindfulness skills training teaches you how to be in control of your mind instead of letting it be in control of you. Mindfulness training will develop your skills to be able to engage actively with whatever is happening in the moment, to recognise signs of a wandering mind and to be able to bring it back to focus on 'the now'. It also helps you assess what's happening in the moment more objectively and strategically. 

Become More Emotionally Resillent 

There is growing research which clearly demonstrates the effectiveness and impact of mindfulness. Neurological research on the impact of mindfulness training on the brain demonstrates that it can reshape the part of the brain that impacts emotional and social intelligence, improving positive mood and wellbeing. 

Mindfulness can help: 

  • You stay focused and be calmly present, whatever the situation.
  • You develop a more aware and considered approach.
  • You improve self-leadership in times of high workload, time restraints, instability and major or constant change. 
  • You develop a more thinking, emotional and instinctive mind. 
  • You build emotional resilience. 

Eight Week Mindfulness Course - Promoting Health And Wellbeing

Why is mindfulness so powerful and so needed? In a nutshell: because your mind is not always your friend. It often behaves like a mean boss.

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. Your most personal tool. It’s where all your problems live. It is also where you can find solutions, inspiration, happiness, and other amazing things.

The problem is that the mind can often be unruly, noisy, distracted, and full of self-defeating thoughts and destructive emotions. Your mind tells you what it thinks is true or not; it tells you what to do, and how you should feel. It's almost like it has its separate agenda.

What is the result of this? Suffering, in a variety of forms.

The eight-week syllabus will cover:

  • Practising and learning a variety of mindfulness meditation skills and techniques such as BodyScan and mindfulness of breath, as well as everyday mindfulness skills. 
  • How to incorporate these skills into your work and daily life. 
  • How to identify and deal with difficult physical sensations, thoughts, feelings and moods that can be associated with stress, anger, anxiety, depression and pain. 
  • How to identify your triggers. 
  • How to develop your coping strategies. 

A Private Online Community That Supports You

Of course, you can read a book or take a free course on your own. But the key to implementing a regular practice is having support and feedback as you progress. Mindfulness is not a relaxation technique, it is not about being without thought, and unfortunately, it does not need to be pleasant. Mindfulness, is about being here, in the present, even when that present is a difficult moment.  

To support you in your journey you will be invited to join a private group using Insight Timer. Home to more than 1,900,000 meditators, Insight Timer is rated as the top FREE meditation app on the Android and iOS stores. Insight Timer allows you to track the progress of your meditations every day.  

You'll be part of a small community where you can share your insights privately with others that are also going through the same journey to you. Or not, you are welcome to just sit on the side and just watch, read and listen.

The group is moderated by me, other experienced meditators and coaches. You'll get the support of your peers and professionals while you share your development journey. At the end of the course, you’ll have ten people to continue your mindfulness and meditation practice with every day.  

The weekly guided meditations that you need to undertake are also available to you directly on Insight Timer. When it is time for you to practice just log into Insight Timer find the right meditation for that week and start.

What Do You Get?

Online community 

Your online community that helps and supports you in establishing your practice. Many people stumble after completing training because they fail to keep up a regular practice, your community helps you stay motivated to continue.

Weekly Lessons

A weekly recorded presentation and written lesson that introduces the topic and gives guidance on your week's homework and meditation exercises.

Weekly Webinars

A weekly live webinar with me or one of our certified mindfulness trainers. Where you can ask questions about your practice and hear from other participants. All webinars are recorded in case you can't attend one week.

Regular Emails

Motivational emails sent every few days with tips and tools to help you establish your mindfulness practice. Plus I'll be there to answer any questions you have over email.

Why This Course?

This course integrates principles from habit science, positive psychology, and Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). 

ACT is an effective and proven approach called Acceptance and Commitment Training. ACT helps you accept the difficulties that come with life thus helping you overcome the challenges that get in our way when we step outside of our comfort zone.  

ACT is a form of mindfulness-based coaching, that improves your overall well-being by overcoming your negative thoughts and feelings. ACT looks at your character traits and behaviours to assist you in improving your performance, reducing stress, and achieving your goals. 

Using ACT anyone can transform their lives for the better by being three things - Open, Aware and Active. 

Being open means learning to manage the unpleasant emotions that come with challenging situations so they no longer act as a barrier between you and the things you value.  

Being aware means stopping automatic reactions and beginning to connect with what is around you by developing mindfulness skills.  

Being active simply means becoming clear on what matters to us most in life and then living life on purpose. It's about knowing the kind of person you want to be, the kind of life you want to live and taking action to get it.  

Next Course

The next course starts the week of 4th September 2017 and will last eight weeks. You can choose between three different times for the weekly live webinars.  

  • Sunday at 12:00 CET  
  • Wednesday at 09:00 CET  
  • Tuesday at 19:00 CET  

Meditation and mindfulness have the potential to give you so much and create deep transformation in your life. It just might be the most powerful habit in your life – and it's priceless.

To reap its benefits, you need to practice it daily. If you join the course, commit to undertaking the exercises and with the support of your group you have an established meditation practice in 8 weeks. 

Competative Price

I'm offering this online course for only 299 Euro

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I'm Gary, and I provide open, honest and effective coaching that helps you achieve your goals, have better professional relationships, overcome professional challenges and lead more purposeful and meaningful lives.  

I am certified mindfulness trainer and a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science. A global online learning and research community, and a living resource for anyone interested in ACT, RFT, and Contextual Behavioral Science. 

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