Mindfulness Course

An In Depth Online 8-week Mindfulness Programme

A self-directed and supported online course to help you overcome stress, and lead a more productive and happy life.  

Mindfulness is a secular meditation technique that involves learning to pay attention: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgmentally to whatever arises in the field of your experience.  

Nowadays, stress is a common problem in modern life. We experience the adverse effects of stress in our body, our pulse increases and we feel the tension in our muscles. The causes of stress in modern life emerge from the many obligations we have to handle every day to the modern way of negative thinking.  

Research on the impact of Mindfulness skills training on the brain demonstrates that it can reshape the part of the brain that impacts emotional and social intelligence, improving positive mood and well-being. Helping you to overcome stress and to live a richer more fulfilling life.  

Mindfulness can help:  

  • You stay focused and be calmly present, whatever the situation.
  • You develop a more aware and considered approach.
  • You improve self-leadership in times of high workload, time restraints, instability and major or constant change. 
  • You develop a more thinking, emotional and instinctive mind. 
  • You build emotional resilience. 

The next course starts the week of 11th October 2017 and will last eight weeks. 

Meditation and mindfulness have the potential to give you so much and create deep transformation in your life. It just might be the most powerful habit in your life and it's priceless.

Starting 1st Nov 2017

Weekly live webinars, if you miss a webinar it is recorded or you can swap to another day.

Only €250

The Next Course Starts In


Mindfulness and meditation works by helping you be more;


Being open means learning to manage the unpleasant emotions that come with challenging situations and stress.


Being aware means stopping automatic reactions and beginning to connect with what is around you.


Being active simply means becoming clear on what matters to us most in life. And then taking conscious action.

Gary Bridgeman


I'm Gary and I've lived and worked in Brussels for the past 10 years.  

I provide open, honest and effective coaching that helps you achieve your goals, have better professional relationships, overcome professional challenges and lead more purposeful and meaningful lives.  

I coach because I enjoy helping people grow personally and professionally and I believe that it isn't about how much money I earn but how many lives I change. Coaching gives me the opportunity to change lives.  

I enjoy helping people learn more about themselves and give them practical evidence-based tools to solve the problems in their life and reach thier goals.

My life was transformed by establishing a mindfulness and meditation practice. And now I want to share this gift with you.  



“Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes, which are always engaging and mind-opening. Whether you need to improve your skills, practice mindfulness or overcome specific challenges, you will always benefit from Gary’s sessions”  

Xavier Aubry Zaz Ventures Founder and Managing Partner

Gary got together a small group of men and for eight weeks led our meditations and discussions. We explored compassion, attention, and unconscious mental processes that guide a lot of our behaviour. These are all very personal matters, however, Gary facilitated our sharing and explorations. He is very honest with himself and it also became very natural for all of us to dig deep and find out more about ourselves in the process. We formed a strong bond, almost like an alliance. I learned, enjoyed myself, and am looking to spend more time with Gary in the future.”

Jernej Zupanc Visual Communication Strategist & Trainer

Gary is certainly the coach you need for your professional development. He is sharp, constructive and always comes with concrete tools to implement the change you want to make. Definitively worth it.  

Coline Lavorel Manager Public Affairs and Sustainability

Gary worked with UCL to help mentor members of staff who were making the transition from managing projects to managing people and teams of people. Gary has provided us with an excellent service - both professionally and personally. If an organisation is looking for a mentor or coach, then I can highly recommend and hereby fully endorse Gary.

Michael Browne (FRSA) Head of European Research and Innovation at University College London

Gary is really approachable and highly insightful as a coach. He takes a structured, evidence-based approach to coaching, and provides a range of really useful material via his blog and webinars. He is able to offer a unique blend of insights from the world of academia and business which is just what I needed as an academic seeking to make a difference in the real world.

Mark Reed, Professor of Social Innovation at Newcastle University