Hi, I'm Gary,

and I provide open, honest and effective coaching that helps you achieve your goals, have better relationships, overcome challenges and lead more purposeful and meaningful lives.

I’m a lifelong expatriate, I have lived in Oman, the United Kingdom, Sweden and I currently live in Brussels, Belgium.

I’ve got over 25 years of experience working across industries and sectors. I’ve served in the British Royal Air Force, designed navigation systems for cars, won and managed UK and EU research funding and once even started my own tech company.

I coach professionals all over the world from Las Vegas, USA to Melbourne, Australia. I coach over video conferencing or in person if you are based in Brussels Belgium.

If you want to go deeper...

For a long time I didn't commit to being who I am. I tried to live someone else's life. 

My father died when I was nine years old. For me it was sudden and unexpected although he had been ill for some time. 

This left a hole in me that I tried to fill.

I've struggled with anxiety and depression and a emptiness that I couldn't fill. I'll confess that there was a time that I used drugs to fill that emptiness. Luckily, I soon saw the error of this approach. 

It was after the breakup of a long term relationship and hitting my middle age that I decided that I no longer wanted to live like that anymore. 

I was then coached myself which lead me to the realisation that coaching others was the life path I wanted to take.

I then took a meditation course and found a route to removing my constant anxiety.

It was through meditation that I was introduced to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

It was through these sessions and my regular meditation practice that I was able to finally see that the emptiness that I felt could be filled from the inside.

That I could use love and compassion to fill the void within me. And by defining my values and living them every day I could gain genuine peace and happiness.

My life purpose now is to help others find who they truly are and become who they want to be.

Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes
— Xavier