Filling holes is not the easiest work

Even if you’re an engineer or master in your professional field

It takes persistence to find out how to fix and actually fix what is “missing” in your life

And my job is to make sure you get the life you want 

I’m Gary Bridgeman, ACT life coach.

And I will be here to help you find the space in your personal life and in your career that feels GOOD again.

The space that feels like whole. 

I can do that because I’ve done it. 

I’ve been where you are. 

Before I learnt and started using the ACT Method, I've felt lost, stuck and unfulfilled with my life. 

I found myself struggling in quick sand.

And I knew at that point, I couldn’t struggle any more.

I needed help. 

That help came in the form of a mentor who coached me from that space of “what the hell have I done?

How am I going to end this?” to where I am now, a successful life coach to seemingly successful, high-powered businessmen and businesswomen who are going through the same disconnect from self that I went through. 

You don’t have to save yourself, alone. 

I’ll walk with you. 

A bit more about why me: 

While coaching is not a regulated industry, I choose to be aligned and accredited with the European Coaching and Mentoring Council and follow their code of ethics.

I'm also a member of the Association For Contextual Behavioural Science.

I'm also a member of the society for holistic therapists and coaches who provide my professional indemnity insurance. 

I also have supervision from a clinical psychologist where I discuss my client work and my own personal development for the good of the clients I love to serve.

Qualifications and ongoing professional development: 

Foundation and supervision in Acceptance and Commitment Training – Contextual Consulting
Mastering Experiential Communication - Contextual Consulting
Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Teach Mindfulness
Leading people and teams – University of Michigan
Effective virtual teams – Open University
Maths for Science – Open University
Exploring Psychology – Open University
Science a foundation course – Open University
HNC Electrical Engineering – Royal Air Force

I have served coaching and my previous leadership roles for the past 25 years and my combined experience with professionals makes working with me easy, comfortable, but most importantly, effective because I understand the pressure you’re under. 

Why is the ACT method is so revolutionary: 

ACT is short for Acceptance and Commitment Training. It’s an evidence-based method that teaches you to accept what is with mindfulness strategies mixed in with commitment and behaviour-change strategies to increase your emotional resilience. 

It’s exceptionally powerful if you’re feeling burnt out, lost, stuck, trying to improve your performance, or just increasing your well-being. 

Because if you are emotionally resilient, you’re: 


All the qualities that good leaders exude...without crumbling underneath when no one else is looking. 

Why is ACT so important?

ACT is the only evidence-based method in the industry and has over 200 randomised controlled studies proving its effectiveness. It also provides an organising structure to your life that helps you when you feel stuck or overwhelmed.

ACT is the only coaching that you need.

The very practical exercises and tools also help you overcome your unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

It’s a method that you will be able to call on well after our sessions together are complete. 

Now. You know me. My story. And how we’ll psychologically and strategically work together through your stuckness to Activate Your Life. 

Book a Discovery Call here to find out more about how ACT, you, and I will set you on the path to success. 

Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes
— Xavier

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