My coaching is for you if,

  • there is something in your life that you need to change,
  • and you are not sure what you need to do.

Maybe you worry too much about the future or spend too much time living in the past and life just keeps passing you buy. Maybe you constantly question yourself, your abilities and knowledge despite holding a leadership role and/or are highly qualified. Maybe the volume on your inner critic is turned up too high and keeps distracting you from achieving your goals. Maybe despite all your accomplishments you still don’t feel quite good enough. Maybe your anxiety gets in the way of you taking effective action stopping you from getting what you want in life. Maybe you find it difficult to be assertive and communicate what you want without feeling guilty about upsetting other people. Maybe you struggle to feel heard by your colleagues meaning your accomplishments aren’t seen. Maybe you want to lead others but self-doubt and a lack of confidence hold you back. Or maybe like many of us, you feel lost and stuck, seeing others living their lives and you’re on the sidelines looking in.

If this sounds like you then I can help because I’ve been all of those things myself at one time in my life. I use my life experience and a research-backed protocol that delivers results. Acceptance and Commitment Training is a unique empirically based approach that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, together with commitment and behaviour change strategies, to help you overcome your anxieties, fears and negative emotions that stop you achieving your goals.

I coach in person in Brussels, Belgium and I coach clients across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand using video conferencing.

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