What others are saying

“Gary is a very dedicated, flexible, reliable, and trustworthy coach who offered me an individual tailored leadership and communication coaching using a variety of methods. What I appreciated the most is that he is tutoring with real-life experience for real-world business situations and that he is practising in a transparent style, focusing on personal values and supporting individual aims. It was a great inspiration, and pleasure working with him.”

Bianka Hofman
Head of communications, Fraunhofer MEVIS

“Gary is an excellent coach. He has a very efficient programme to help you achieve your goals and he will always make sure to listen to what you really need. He has the ability to read between the lines and help you find your roadblocks. He is honest and efficient. We have covered a lot of ground during our coaching sessions and it has helped me become more efficient in my work and more content with its processes. I highly recommend Gary as a coach.”

 Catherine Boisvert 
Research Fellow, Curtin University

“Gary has extraordinary coaching capabilities. He puts his natural empathy, curiosity and personal experience to the service of his coaching classes, which are always engaging and mind-opening. Whether you need to improve your skills, practice mindfulness or overcome specific challenges, you will always benefit from Gary’s sessions”

Xavier Aubry
Zaz Ventures Founder and managing partner

“One of the best sources for personal growth is within us. Unfortunately, even though we believe we know ourselves well, the pursuit for insights is often blocked by layers of our unconscious defence mechanisms. These might be helpful in the short term but prevent us from digging deep and really understanding what we are about. I’m very curious to understand myself better but the business endeavours keep me on the move and I rarely find time to pause and experience the now. This is why I joined Gary’s coaching sessions – I wanted to explore the concepts of mindfulness and learn more about myself.

Gary got together a small group of men and for eight weeks led our meditations and discussions. We explored compassion, attention, and unconscious mental processes that guide a lot of our behaviour. These are all very personal matters, however, Gary facilitated our sharing and explorations. He is very honest with himself and it also became very natural for all of us to dig deep and find out more about ourselves in the process. We formed a strong bond, almost like an alliance. I learned, enjoyed myself, and am looking to spend more time with Gary in the future.”

Jernej Zupanc 
Visual Communication Strategist & Trainer

Gary worked with UCL to help mentor members of staff who were making the transition from managing projects to managing people and teams of people. Gary has provided us with an excellent service – both professionally and personally. If an organisation is looking for a mentor or coach, then I can highly recommend and hereby fully endorse Gary.”

Michael Browne (FRSA)
Head of European Research and Innovation at University College London

“Gary is certainly the coach you need for your professional development. He is sharp, constructive and always comes with concrete tools to implement the change you want to make. Definitively worth it.”

Coline Lavorel
Manager Public Affairs and Sustainability

“Gary is our go to coach. What we love about working with Gary is always coming away with a clear, simple and easy to implement plans of action that produce results”

Nathalie Tulip
Operations, Project Management and Grant Funding Support for Online Businesses and Tech Startups

“Gary made the best out of what I had to offer. Definitely worth the time and investment.”

Managing Partner chez Eurotran

“Gary is definitely an excellent coach! He spots immediately the inconvenient truth about a business that many entrepreneurs don’t dare to hear. After that, Gary proposes a set of realistic guidelines or suggestions to be followed by these entrepreneurs helping them to reach a long-term goal: becoming happier entrepreneurs accompanied with more successful businesses.

Gary’s coaching sessions are highly recommended without any doubt, but only for professionals who are willing to commit themselves a 100% “

Daniela S. Gomes 
CEO at Octopux  Consulting | Entrepreneur | Expert in Horizon 2020, SME Instrument, R&D + Innovation Funding [Bid writer]

“I have been working with Gary for two years when I was CTO of Product Health. Gary helped us to win and manage three major UK grants during that time. Beyond the funding success, Gary’s value lies in his light touch coaching. I have learned a lot and I am looking forward working with him in the future.”

Emeka Mosanya
CTO, Product Health

“I have known Gary since he worked Jaguar, Saab and Nissan whilst developing technology and traffic data for OE navigation systems.

Gary had great vision for what he wanted to achieve and gave clear direction on what outcomes he wanted.

He was a pleasure to work with and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again. I would strongly recommend Gary for any post within the Automotive or High Technology Industry”

Andrew Smith
Managing Director at Vodafone Automotive UK Limited

“Gary is really approachable and highly insightful as a coach. He takes a structured, evidence-based approach to coaching, and provides a range of really useful material via his blog and webinars. He is able to offer a unique blend of insights from the world of academia and business which is just what I needed as an academic seeking to make a difference in the real world.”

Mark Reed, Professor of Social Innovation at Newcastle University

“Gary first checks that we share the same spirit about business, entrepreneurship and life. He wants to work with like-minded people; this ensures that his coaching and pieces of advice perfectly fit with the context and find a welcoming ear. It works. He coaches engages us in a schedule and brings a pace that makes deliverables arise without perceived effort. It was a delighting experience, and I will certainly work with him again”

Laurent Kinet, Swan Insights


“Gary has natural insights and instincts in the areas of coaching. He gives clear and interesting advice about reaching targets efficiently and effectively. Gary is not just a consultant – he’s a coach, a mentor, and a guiding light.”

JM , Director of Operations




“I have worked with Gary on a number of occasions during the implementation of vehicle IT and Service related technologies. Gary has a very professional approach to his work and the relationship with suppliers and colleagues.”

Danny Woolard
Chiltech Limited – Director

“I have worked for Gary on several projects which he was managing, in my role of Communications officer at ERTICO. Gary has always demonstrated a lot of creativity, and has always been open for new ideas and new ways of working. Gary is a independent thinker, an open mind passionate about his work, with a great sense of integrity. It was a real pleasure working with him!”

Ariane Brusselmans
Director, Programs and Education at International Society of Nephrology

“Gary is one of the best project managers I’ve even known. He has excellent management skills, backed by his patience, years’ experience, strong technical background and analytical skills. His excellent work in both quality and quantity and honesty won him respect from colleagues. Gary has outstanding communication skills and is always willing to help his colleagues in solving problems. I would recommend him to any company.”

Yanying Li
Transport Engineer & Researcher with a wide range of knowledge on transport and sustainable development

“I have no hesitation in recommending Gary Bridgeman. He has that rare talent in project management of understanding the big picture while being able to focus on the individual components required to meet the technical, business, operational, institutional and organisation aspects of project delivery and services introduction.”

Richard Harris
Director Communications and Marketing, International Transportation and Government at Xerox

“Gary is focussed when it comes to delivering his objectives. He contributes actively to generation of ideas and develops methodology to explore these ideas. He has always worked well in the team, but also has the drive to work on his own when required.”

Bharat Patel
Business Development and Engineering in Europe at Airbiquity

“Gary is a very competent and professional analyst who thanks to his Engineering background and communication skills is able to identify and summarize the key criteria to make a project successful. He’s been always enthusiastic during our co-work at Nissan and supported intensively Nissan Cross Car Line Product Planning department to reach our objectives.”

Julien Masson
OEM Business Manager Europe at Parrot Automotive

“Gary and I worked together within the Infotainment team at Jaguar Cars Ltd. Gary’s approach to work was consistent to meet the current goals whilst keeping his mind open to consider new smarter approaches or new concepts the team and wider company could explore.

Since that time I have remained in contact with Gary and consulted with him on several occasions because of his ability to consider new ideas and new possibilities.”

Lewis Mowatt
Product Manager New Technologies