How To Be A Better Listener (Part 1)

You already know that active listening is a core skill to have as a leader or a manager but how do you actively listen? Many articles on the subject tell you why active listening is important but not how to do it. I’ve talked in an earlier blog post about building a listening framework. In […]

Want to beat procrastination? Do this one thing first

A simple internet search will return a huge amount of advice about overcoming procrastination. And many of the articles have the same list format such as: Get enough sleep. Set a deadline. Schedule the task in your calendar. Break down big tasks into micro-steps. Use the 10-minute rule. Do 80% of the task. List reasons […]

How to stop your thoughts from taking control of your actions

Let’s face it life is pretty messy. In a normal day, you probably have to cope with a lot of things that trigger you to feel plenty of unhelpful thoughts and emotions. Your boss tells you that your work needs to be improved, your partner gets annoyed at you for no reason, your children are […]

How And Why You Should Clarify Your Values

When faced with a difficult choice what direction do you take? How do you know which choice will be the right choice? How can you act in such a way that you’ll ensure that you continue to make progress in your life and your career, thus moving towards your goals? These are big questions that […]

Interview With Dr Melanie Seiler – Women In STEM Leadership

Melanie studied biology at the University of Cologne (Germany). For her Ph.D., based at the University of Bristol, she worked with the critically endangered Sahamalaza sportive lemur in north-west Madagascar, before conducting behavioural research on non-human and human primates at the German Sports University, Cologne. Melanie is the founder of The Female Scientist, a project […]

How To Transform Your Life

You have this one life to live and it is lived moment by moment. And it doesn’t matter if you make plans for the future or just let things happen. Our life consists of moments that are linked together through time, forever passing from one moment to the next until it ends. No doubt that […]

Interview With Prof Julie Bernhardt – Women In STEM Leadership

I speak to Prof Julie Bernhardt. Julie is a clinician researcher, NHMRC Established Fellow and Senior Principal Florey Research Fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Melbourne. Julie has been working with people with stroke for 30 years. She is Head of the Stroke Division at The Florey and leader of the […]

Interview With Hayley Sudbury– Women In STEM Leadership

I speak to Hayley Sudbury founder & CEO at WERKIN, an application that helps you track and activate mentoring and career development programmes for your people. In the podcast, we speak about how rage gets the job done, the importance of owning your work and how wine, cheese and irrelevance make her the leader she […]

Interview With Angela Spang – Women In STEM Leadership

  I speak to serial entrepreneur Angela Spang, who has already started six companies. Currently, she runs four companies in the medical device and training domain but actually trained as a ballerina. In the interview, we talk about leadership, time management, managing work/life balance, and that everybody deserves compassion and empathy.

Interview With Karen Massin – Women In STEM Leadership

I speak to Karen Massin CEO Burson-Marsteller Brussels. Karen has worked for Burson-Marsteller for nearly 17 years ago and joined the company after completing internships with the United Nations, UNHCR, and the European Commission. In the podcast, she talks about the importance of being authentic and having a strong set of guiding values and ethics […]