Interview With Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez – Women In STEM Leadership

In this podcast, I speak to Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez, Top Quark Analysis Group convener at CERN. As well as finding out exactly what a Top Quark Analysis Group convener does we talk about the challenges of leadership as a woman in physics. Rebeca shares her story and views of gender bias in science and her […]

Interview With Ryme Assaad – Women in STEM Leadership

I talk to Ryme Assaad who is a leader in STEM owning and operating a construction, contracting and consulting business in Lebanon. On the podcast, she talks about the challenges being a leader in engineering and construction in the middle east. A sector where female leaders are less than 1% of the workforce. She has […]

A journey into mindfulness #6

My journey into mindfulness has ended, but I can’t avoid the cliché that it is only just the beginning. The course has set the foundation for a richer, more fulfilled life that is there for the taking. In only eight weeks of instruction and weekly meetings and16 hours of guidance, I have achieved a paradigm […]

A journey into mindfulness #5

As always, we begin with our group meditation, taking the time to arrive and leave the outside world behind. The group meditations always feel stronger, deeper, than when I carry out my meditations on my own. For me, this brings home the strength of human connection and nonverbal communication. We all know from experience that even […]

Interview With Nathalie Moll – Women In STEM Leadership

I speak to Nathalie Moll Secretary General at EuropaBio & Advisory Board member about her challenges as a leader. In a wonderfully frank and open interview, Nathalie shares her journey as a scientist and leader of one of the most effective European Trade Associations in Brussels.  

How to facilitate self-discovery and uncover knowledge using Socratic questioning

Socratic questioning is a technique used by many therapists, coaches, interviewers, lawyers and police officers as a way to guide interviews and uncover knowledge. I discovered Socratic questioning when I began working as a proposal writer as a way to gather information relevant for a proposal submission. As a coach, the Socratic questioning method is […]

Interview with Marija Butkovic – Women in STEM leadership

I speak to Marija Butkovic. Marija is a business, PR and marketing consultant who has worked across a range of projects in different industry sectors, including legal, journalism, IoT, wearable tech and fashion. She is the co-founder of Women of Wearables (WoW). WoW is world’s first organisation aiming to inspire, support and connect women in […]

A journey into mindfulness #4

We are halfway through our group mindfulness course, and we begin our session by sharing what it means to be “halfway”. Since starting the course, I’ve carried out my meditations every day and completed my homework. I now have an unbroken connection of daily meditations totalling 34 days. Lots of things are changing for me, […]

A journey into mindfulness #3

I’m struggling to write this blog post about my mindfulness journey, although I’m not really sure why. But once I stop worrying about the quality of my writing and let the worry go, my thoughts begin to take shape. It is only then that I realise that the main insight I’ve gained this week is […]