What is the purpose of communicating?

You might say. To be heard, to get my point across, to be understood, to share my ideas to get other people to take action etc. But what if you considered that, the purpose of communication is to help others suffer less? Just think about that for a moment. If you framed your communication practices […]

What is authenticity?

What does it mean to be authentic? Many people make the mistake of thinking that being authentic means that they should say what they think and feel. The problem with this approach is that it treats your thoughts and feelings as absolute truth. When they often don’t reflect reality. And by speaking them out loud, […]

Reflecting on 365 days of meditation and mindfulness

Last week I passed the milestone of 365 days of daily meditation practice. For the past year, I’ve meditated at least once a day although the duration has varied I’ve always tried to live my days mindfully. I started meditating when I enrolled in an organised group mindfulness course. The original intention was that I […]

How to be consistently consistent

Consistency is one of the things we all struggle with, and yet consistency is vital if you want to achieve your goals. We all do it; we start with good intentions. Join the gym, begin to learn a language, take a personal development course, or go on a diet. We attack whatever our goals are […]

Finding inspiration in the face of difficulty

Each moment of each day you are busy doing something, even if you are sleeping, you’re doing something. Your actions are driven by something even if that is just a reaction. Some things that you do move you towards the type of person you want to be. And sometimes the things that you do move […]

How to journal to become more mindful

One of the best ways to grow your mindfulness skills is by keeping a daily journal. The simple fact of writing down your thoughts and feelings helps you put some distance from what your mind is telling you. It works a lot like coaching by reflecting back to you what you are thinking, feeling and […]

Psychological flexibility – The six steps to a more authentic you

Put simply; you are psychologically flexible when despite unpleasant thoughts, feelings and external distractions you can continue helpful behaviours or change unhelpful behaviours in service of your goals. Helping you move forward and live your values. If you are like most people, then you spend a lot of your time trying to change, suppress, avoid, […]

How to get more done by changing your relationship to time

One of the most common challenges that people bring to coaching is that they have difficulty managing their time. I often hear I don’t have enough time, or how can I have more time, or how can I use my time more efficiently? My answer to this question is that first; you need to change […]